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Syracuse, the city of Archimedes, contains the largest number of UNESCO heritage monuments, is the city founded before Rome with a great past as the capital of Magna Grecia. Certainly one of the most relevant cities in Italy’s historical and cultural landscape. The Province is also rich in historical and cultural heritages of great world interest such as the cathedral of noto, the baroque area of ​​the Iblei Mountains, Pantalica, ancient avola and much more. In addition, the coast of Siracusano has beautiful beaches and natural oases (Vendicari) and ancient maritime fishing towns (Marzamemi). The hotel is located in a strategic position in the province of Syracuse in the municipality of Solarino, a lookout point for the entire coast of Syracuse. A few steps from the beautiful villages of the Iblei mountains (Palazzolo, Buccheri, Buscemi) and 20km from the city of Syracuse.

It is also possible to reach Solarino very comfortably from Catania in just 40 minutes.

The sun in this area of ​​Sicily is present almost all year round and the mild climate allows you to enjoy the aromas and cultural and culinary riches of this land.


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Pantalica Natural Reserve


Iblei Mounts

Avola City

The hotel is located in the highest part of a 4-hectare land where there are olive and carob trees and plants belonging to the Mediterranean scrub (prickly pears, palms, etc.). It is accessed from an entrance that leads to a large 2000sqm car park with over 100 parking spaces and from this it is possible to access the main structure via a private road. At the rear of the land there are water systems and a sports area with 4 tennis courts where international women’s tennis championships are held every November. While on the east side of the land between the two sides of the structure there is an area of ​​about 3000sqm with lawn, olive trees and a swimming pool of about 20x8m.

The hotel consists of a single L-shaped structure with two elevations above ground (ground floor and first floor). The overall covered area is approximately 1600sqm per floor and in particular the internal area is as follows:

Ground floor:

– hall with common services 2 women’s and 2 men’s bathrooms + a bathroom for the disabled, boutique area (150sqm)
– 10 double bedrooms (25sqm) with attached bathroom
– 1 multipurpose room (15m2)
– restaurant area consisting of kitchen and service areas (150sqm), bar and lounge for around 250 seats (400sqm)
– wellness center (350sqm) consisting of a wellness area, 4 massage rooms, toilet facilities, doctor’s room.


First floor:

– 3 large bedrooms (35m2), 2 medium bedrooms (30m2), 34 double bedrooms (25m2) and 2 single bedrooms (15m2). All bedrooms are ensuite.
– 2 closets for cleaning
– 1 multipurpose room
– 1 room of about 100sqm with piped music
– 1 room of about 160sqm with piped music
Toilet area (2 women + 2 men + 1 disabled)
The hotel has been classified 4 stars by the provincial authority.

Structurally, the hotel was finished building in 2009 so new construction is well maintained and maintained every year. The supporting structure is in reinforced concrete with mixed pillars and floors c. To. and bricks. The partitions and curtain walls are of perforated bricks that guarantee good soundproofing of the rooms. The flooring is ceramic.

In the structure there are equipment, machinery and furniture. In particular, all the rooms are elegantly furnished as shown in the photos with beds, wardrobes, bedside tables and lighting. While the bathrooms are with tub / shower. The restaurant rooms are furnished with shelves, tables and conference chairs for around 250. The spa area also has 4 massage beds, whirlpools, Turkish bath, sauna and relaxation area.

The kitchen is very well furnished with 6 hobs, 2 convection ovens, 10 trays, kneader, fridge cell, several fridges, 12 pizza electric pizzeria oven, 2 fryers, plates, blast chillers and all the necessary equipment for the kitchen and the dining room.


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The project plans to convert the 4-star hotel into a Resort for the elderly with higher class services than in other similar structures, in particular no longer a parking area for the elderly but a structure that allows self-sufficient elderly people to fully enjoy full-fledged third age. In order to obtain the expected results, the following services are expected:

– Full board overnight service
– Game room with billiards and card room
– Conference and multipurpose room
– daily animation
-TV and cinema room
– Cooking, painting, gardening, swimming, yoga and other courses
– Boat trips or fishing trips with boat (payment)
– For theater lovers season tickets with the theaters of Syracuse and Catania (for a fee)
– Bar, hairdresser, spa, transportation, rehabilitation etc. (for a fee)
– Possibility of organizing guided tours and travel arrangements
– Outdoor walks, sports area, petanque area,
– Daily transfers to Syracuse
All these services, possible thanks to the physiognomy of the structure, therefore allow a number of services that make it unique and very far from existing structures with a high level of satisfaction from potential customers who could come from all over southern Italy.

The potential customers would be all over 65 who want to live a third age in the company and with many possibilities of fun if desired or peace and relaxation.


The financial statement described takes into account the costs and profits assumed taking into account the writer’s twenty years of experience in the management of hotel activities on the one hand and strong potential demand for a structure with all the services that we have provided for on the other.

The prices that we have considered for our economic and financial plan have been deliberately chosen as medium-low to increase as much as possible the audience of people who will be able to use the services of the structure

Expected entrances using 41 rooms:

forecasts of 10 single rooms, 26 double or twin rooms, 5 triple rooms

costs: in order to make the audience of people who can use them as large as possible

of the services of the structure the following costs were considered: 2000 € room

single room, € 1500 double room and € 1000 triple room


Taking into account the number of rooms and the expected costs, an entrance is expected:

monthly of € 113,000

€ 1,356,000 per year


Entrance fees for daytime services:

those who want to use the services of the structure, excluding accommodation and dinner, will be able to pay a monthly fee of € 500 per month. These services can also be provided in agreement with the surrounding municipalities, cral, clubs etc.

forecasts of at least 50 people, entry is expected:

monthly of € 25,000

€ 300,000 per year


Tickets for events and ceremonies:

The structure has long been a destination for ceremonies and events that are plausible with the resort for the elderly and undoubtedly represent a further increase in the company’s turnover

Forecasts 10 monthly ceremonies provide the following entrances:

monthly 30.000 € annual 360.000 €

Entrance fees provided by paid services:

wellness center, bar, outdoor restaurant, motor rehabilitation, hairdresser, etc.

monthly 30.000 €

€ 360,000 per year

Total annual admissions are € 2,376,000

Expenses are grouped into:

– expenses for employees
– costs for collaborative staff

– expenditure on energy

-expenses for food and consumables

– maintenance and miscellaneous expenses


Staff costs

In order to satisfy the services provided, 12 staff units were taken into consideration (1 cook, 1 assistant cook, 2 attendants, 2 cleaning staff, 2 waiters, 2 receptionists, 2 night staff)

Considering an average gross salary of 1800 €:

monthly € 21,600

annual € 259,200


Expenses for collaborators:

medical assistant € 1500

2 nurses’ collaborators € 2,500

1 collaborator rehabilitator 1000 €

2 entertainers € 2000

Monthly € 7000

Annual € 84,000


Energy costs

In the structure there is a photovoltaic system of 184kwatt and a large solar panel system that allow about 80% of energy savings, in particular from long experience in hotel management, the costs are:

annual electricity: € 30,000 annual gas: € 5,000

total expenses 35.000 €


Expenses for food and consumables and various maintenance

From long experience in the restaurant sector, the average expenditure for food goods is 7.50% of turnover while for non-food and consumer goods and miscellaneous it is about 3%, so the total expected in relation to the calculated turnover is :

€ 250,000 per year

total annual expenses 630.000 €

From the difference in annual income and expenditure:

2.376.000 – 630.000 = 1.746.000 € profits

Considering the costs of the IMU and the TARSU taxes which are around 40,000e per year

We have profit for around 1.700.000 €


From the economic plan described above, it is undoubtedly, when fully operational, a project with great results in terms of profit. The writer comes from the hotel world with few or no bases as regards the management of a facility for the elderly of the type described. So for this reason and in order to optimize the results it was decided to look for a very experienced partner in the sector even if it may not be convenient for the property. The possibilities are:

– Sale of both management and properties

– Rent for 10/15 years of management with a free entry equal to at least two years of profit and after two years a monthly to be calculated between the parties taking into account any restructuring and optimization costs of the structure.


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