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PUGLIA – SALENTO – Taranto coast – Masseria for sale – Resort under construction. The farm in question is an ancient agricultural structure dating back to the beginning of the last century (1900) whose consistency of covered surfaces is quantified in about 3000 square meters, originally constituted by the manor house and by large rooms used for processing the products of the earth and a winery adequately equipped also with underground tanks for the fermentation of the must and with specific equipment implemented over the years, when the mechanization of the process began (tanks – presses – augers, etc.). The buildings insist on a total area of ​​about 2 hectares, adjacent and contiguous to other buildings and agricultural land of considerable extension, belonging to other owners, which could be subject to possible acquisition in the future. All the structures are in a good state of conservation, but require the necessary adaptation, restructuring and / or conversion interventions for any type of future purpose. The location of the entire area (buildings + land) is considered particularly strategic, for future purposes, to be facing a thoroughfare with a strong vehicular and commercial flow (SS7 Ter TA – LE), as well as to be close to the Mar Piccolo and from the road that took its name from it (Circum Mar Piccolo) and which connects, among other things, to the highway to Martina Franca (Valle D’Itria) and which connects the Ionian to the Adriatic. The civil airports of Bari and Brindisi, reachable by freeways, are approximately 80km apart, while the Grottaglie airport (which is currently only dedicated to goods, in a foreseeable short future, will also be civil, and therefore will give a strong boost to tourism development in the entire Ionian area). The Auchan shopping center is about 3Km., The Ipercoop shopping center is about 6Km., The city of Taranto is about 5Km., The city of San Giorgio is about 4Km., The equipped bathing area along the Ionian coast that from Taranto leads to Porto Cesareo / Gallipoli, along the entire coast, is about 10 km., The Valentino village of Castellaneta marina, with all its entertainment activities is 10Km., The international golf course of Riva dei Tessali is 11 km., Martina Franca is km. .15, Alberobello is 20km away., Castellana Grotte is 25km away. In the immediate vicinity of the farm, the San Cataldo hospital is being built, a hospital of excellence with over 700 beds and various departments that will absorb the facilities of both existing hospitals, the SS. Annunziata and Moscati.

Proposals for the sale of real estate – participation of shareholders or investors for the development of the project are evaluated. Private negotiation.


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The structure has been the subject of study, aimed at its redevelopment and positioning in the hospitality tourism sector, conducted by qualified professionals, who have already carried out similar activities in the past with excellent results both from an architectural point of view and from the point of view of plant equipment. and service; these solutions have found the maximum consent of the owners who have made them their own and consequently decided to commit themselves to the realization in a slavish manner and without any variation to what is punctually indicated in the project. The project is enslaved by the PAU Single Authorization Permit, having successfully passed every authorization process; it can be set up and has the necessary requisites to access public accounts in capital / cto and financing. In this phase, therefore, which is the first phase of a much more imagined wide and articulated tourist offer, it was intended to provide the entire complex with a good level accommodation facility both in terms of specific activities and the usability of services that nowadays they are now considered indispensable, the salient features are indicated below:


  • residences – with a total area of ​​about 800 square meters. – for use as traditional type accommodation and / or mini – apartments equipped with every comfort for complete autonomy and to feel at home, even if hundreds of kilometers away (some of these residences that will be built in the historic structure of the masseria , for their beauty and for their history, we are sure that they will be able to inspire strong and unexpected emotions to every dwelling);
  • SPA wellness center – with a total surface area of ​​approx. 700 sqm. – with beauty farm treatments,
  • thalassotherapy, aromatherapy with a medical clinic for each therapeutic consultation;
  • fitness area – with a designated area of ​​approx. 300 sqm. – equipped with the best machines and equipment with the most current and recognized specific technologies existing in the sector;
  • relaxation area, before and after both therapeutic and sports activities;
  • restaurant that will take particular care and attention to enhance, among other things, the ancient traditional cuisine by administering the products of our land, without having to neglect to respond to any specific gastronomic request that may be requested;
  • bar-cafeteria with indoor and outdoor air;
  • technologically equipped private rooms for meetings and / or business meetings.
  • conference and meeting room equipped for any type of event, with the possibility of use also for cultural and social representations … the area was designed for this purpose with retractable movable walls for use also for events, in combination with the restaurant and at the coffee bar, for receptions / entertainments of various kinds;
  • museum area, a permanent exhibition with equipment, ancient artefacts, images, films, etc. will be set up with particular care. , all in memory of the ancient Ionian peasant civilization that had so much importance for the sustenance of the families of the past;
  • management and administrative area for all management and coordination activities of the resources and potential of the structure;


Furthermore, it is intended to equip the structure with every connected and technologically adequate service for modern times, giving it the possibility to use it freely, for example:


24/24 reception with rental car;
shuttle service to and from the embarkation points (air, land, sea)
wi-fi internet in every residence;
internet point for customers, for various reasons, of the entire complex;
lounge with library and newspapers available;
24/24 security and video – surveillance;
floral gardens both inside the structure and outside (parking area – relaxation – etc.)
adequate and tree-lined parking spaces;
children playground;
organization of excursions throughout the Ionian-Salento hinterland, with assistance where required by tourist guides, for cultural visits, for food tastings, for festivals, for events of various kinds and types;
interpreting services;

In a second phase, with the acquisition of the surrounding land and premises, but also after passing the “start-up” phase, it will be possible to follow up on the complementary activities preparatory to a saturation of the accommodation facility, with the aim of ” seasonally adjusting the offer and therefore attracting the flow of presences in the Masseria even in periods of “low season”. To make this possible, it will be necessary for the residence to be equipped with some structural peculiarities in the future, including:


  • an adequate capacity of accommodation (accommodation, catering, entertainment, etc.), of comfort, of organized services with typical attractions for the purpose of a complete and original offer, especially for the specific sector of “rurality”;
  • structures dedicated to accommodation, including economic ones, of the “Bed and Breakfast” type;
  • sports facilities and areas equipped for free time, including swimming pool and solarium, etc .;
  • playgrounds and sports parks in general, picnic areas for leisure and wellness, areas equipped for caravans and caravans;
  • hippotherapy centers, riding schools and similar structures for a complete equestrian activity;
  • horse riding school, with structures of an adequate level for daily activities, including excursions and equestrian walks and for regional and national competition activities;
  • “Hippotherapy” activity, connected to the presence of the above riding school;
  • organization of cultural and artistic events and business meetings;
  • organization, even outside the land assets in the company’s availability – of recreational activities, cultural and artistic events, work and sporting activities as well as excursions and horse-riding, also by means of agreements with institutions aimed at enhancing the territory , rural heritage and crafts;

In order to achieve the planned economic results, it will be necessary to organize a direct, careful and continuous marketing action to promote and catalyze the interest of national, European and international tourist flows. As regards the financial sources necessary to achieve the objectives of the program, we have involved the best professional skills for the identification of all possible economic, regional, national, community benefits, to support the implementation and development of our programs. , obviously together with the own resources available to the current ownership.


To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.


Adjacent to the property in question there are further structures, consisting of large rooms originally used as a deposit for agricultural tools and as accommodation used for seasonal workers of the time. This area is not part of the current enslaved project, but can be integrated through a variant in progress, in order to expand the range of beds and / or related structures, identifiable for this purpose.



To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.


  • Geographic location
  • Territory development
  • High receptivity of the reference market
  • High potential of the project
  • Excellent return on investment ability
  • Extensive documentary kit
  • Granting of permits and authorizations



Born in the twenties with the construction of a military runway, today Brindisi-Papola Casale Airport is an important airport serving Brindisi and Salento, less than 10 km from the city center and about 35 km from Lecce, reachable by bus lines and shuttles.


Entitled Karol Wojtyła, it is one of the main Italian airports, as well as the main Apulian airport. Built in 1934 as a structure used only for military traffic, today it serves the entire metropolitan city of Bari, the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, the province of Matera, and part of the neighboring provinces of Foggia, Potenza and Taranto.


Splendid territory of central Puglia between the metropolitan city of Bari and the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto, with localities that have now become international tourist destinations, such as Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca, rural landscape, characterized by the presence of countless farms and typical trulli, exclusive cone-shaped stone houses.


Protected natural area located along the Taranto coast and in the hinterland of the municipality of Manduria, it includes some natural oases with typical vegetation, such as the woods of Cuturi and Rosa Marina together with the Foce del Chidro, the Salina dei Monaci, the dunes of Torre Colimena and the marsh of the Count.


Magnificent tourist resort of international interest, the municipality of Porto Cesareo has been home to a protected marine area since 1997, for the protection of biodiversity still present in marine environments, located between Punta Prosciutto and Torre Inserraglio, extending up to seven miles from the coast. Established in 2006 also the regional nature reserve “Palude del Conte and Duna Costiera” of about 900 hectares, Porto Cesareo also houses the marine biology station and the thalassographic museum, which contains a malacological collection, a herbarium and rare fish species.


A destination of international interest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the term “Sassi” indicates the two districts that make up, together with “Civita” and “Piano”, the historic center of Matera, a European capital for 2019 culture.


To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.

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